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Thanks I would have never figured it out.
It Was A little scary.
Worked like a charm.

Chance to read your blog, I really like your blog, let me learn a lot! I will focus on your blog, refuels!

Thank you! Couldn't figure it out...

you suck

This does not work for the larger 3 cell torches any ides as we are stuck and whole workshop cannot remove

You are pressing the silicon soft lens of that rebel and probably damaging it, I say so coz I used to work with philips lumileds LEDs and one of the datasheet recomendations is to not even touch the lens. I even broke one by incorrect storage. I will recomend trying to avoid the soft lens of the LED as possible

That is a good recommendation. Thank you.

Thanks, most of the info is of the "unscrew and magically the batteries come out" variety. This is real information.

Unfortunately the module for the 2AA LED is unavailable in the retail market (maybe because it's a 2009 model) but I was contacted back by Maglite Rep. and offered a replacement for $7 which to a Maglite Junky like me is an awesome deal

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